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In order to achieve excellent results in dentistry it is imperative to see the similarities with other disciplines. In nature, and in mechanical creations, timing, structure and fit play a role in longevity and function. The gears of a clock need to function in perfect unison with all other parts. Consequently, pertaining to teeth and dentistry, fit and function in relation to the jaw bones, musculature and the jaw joint play an equally critical role. When everything functions in harmony, the patient will not only look great, but will feel great with teeth that can be used.

Creativity + Craftsmanship + Art = Beauty + Longevity

The original repairs done by my previous dentist didn’t last so I went to Dr. Gonzalez to have them fixed. I only wish I went to Dr. Gonzalez much sooner, since I would have benefited from the great look and feel that I now have. I can now comfortably smile without feeling insecure and my teeth look so natural and real that my wife can’t even tell the difference.

Casey A.

His focus and attention on detail is of the upmost importance. To give you an idea, he built his own airplane by hand which took him seven year to complete. He built it in the basement of his house which he also built. Much of his practice concentrates on fixing other dentists mistakes.

C.A. Los Angeles

Finally I went to a MOHS surgeon and it turned out that I had a pretty bad case of skin cancer on my lip. After extensive lower lip surgery and reconstruction I was cancer free. Dr. Gonzalez pretty much saved my lower lip and quite possibly my life as I had known it.

David B. Los Angeles

I had heard that your pride and craftsmanship were the best in the business, and now I can honestly attest to that claim first hand. You took my case personally, and vested sincere concern and interest in the correct outcome as if it was your own mouth or one of your children’s. I want to thank you for that care and concern, and thank you for your expertise and skill. The work that you produced was very detailed and precisely what you explained to me. You are truly a craftsman at your profession!

Keith W. Los Angeles

My experiences with Dr. Gonzalez have all been positive. I needed three veneers on my lower front teeth. I was going to another dentist at that time. During a cleaning, the hygienist recommended Dr. Gonzalez. She said “He is the only dentist in this office I would allow to work on my teeth”. I took her advice and had Dr. Gonzalez do my veneers. His abilities and caring nature make him a great choice as your dentist. I could not make a higher recommendation.

Kevin F, Santa Clarita

You definitely outperformed my expectations. Like I mentioned, the tooth feels, looks and bites like it’s my natural tooth. I can’t imagine that anyone would be able to tell the difference. You understood how important this was for me and the quality of work and care you showed made a big difference. This is one less thing I have to worry or think about for many years to come, and for that, I am very appreciative.


Truly an amazing Dentist and an amazing person.

I went to Dr Gonzalez about 4 months ago after having had a horrendous experience with another Dentist. I was left with a gaping hole in my front gums from this Dentist. Dr. Gonzalez immediately sent me to a specialist, who has corrected an almost uncorrectable situation.

I am truly grateful for his honesty, knowledge and care during this time.

Leigh G. Los Angeles

Dr Gonzalez was highly recommended to me by people I trust. I had him replace Veneers on my two front teeth last month. I had been unhappy with the two I had for 25 years. He did an amazing job and I am supper happy. If a personal touch and attention to detail is what you are looking for in a Dentist, Dr Gonzalez is who you have been looking for.

Kevin W. Los Angeles

His ability to give a painless shot set the stage for the best dental experience of my life. Dr. Gonzalez was the first dentist to make my teeth look great. The first dentist made them too big, the second did not get the bite angle correct. I lived with the consequences of these failed attempts for years. Finally my teeth look and feel fantastic! Dr. Gonzales is a true artist of dentistry.

Lynn F. Santa Clarita

I started with him when he was fresh out of UCLA Dental School and recognized his talent as he gradually replaced my old fillings. When my son broke his two front teeth and had unsatisfactory crowns installed, he went to John for a redo. His new crowns look beautiful and are still gorgeous 25 years later.

Pat. H., Malibu

My wife and my experiences with Dr. Gonzalez has been excellent. I had a need for special care and Dr. Gonzalez compassionately, efficiently, and affordably treated the problem. There was always a sense of being in a practice that was patient-centered.

Richard B. M.D. Los Angeles

Initially, I liked his chair-side manner; he was very professional without being arrogant or aloof, and was able to clearly articulate what it was that he thought would most benefit me. His attention to detail made it apparent that he truly cared about the quality of his work. It has been nearly a year since I started my treatments with him, which literally involve a complete mouth reconstruction to correct the negligence of the previous dentist.

Sam A. West Los Angeles

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gonzalez for so long that I can't remember anyone else hooking up my smile. He has more heart, integrity and love of the art of dentistry than any other dentist I have ever known. For that, I will be his patient forever!"

Carla R., Los Angeles

Thank goodness my husband & I found Dr. Gonzalez! Dr. G is an esthetics master yet he is a real grounded person. Get the Hollywood smile without the Hollywood attitude. I no longer dread going to the dentist. In fact I look forward to it.

Holly P., Encino

"I was thrilled about the new smile Dr. Gonzalez gave me. My eight new front teeth look so natural and the color perfectly matches. Thank you Dr. Gonzalez."

Svetlana K. Chatsworth

"Dr. Gonzalez used his talent, patience and creativity to give me a beautiful bright new (5 veneer) smile! He puts his whole heart into his work and I respect him both as a person and a professional."

Angi, Los Angeles
John Gonzalez, DDS